CMST 325 - Project 5

  • August, 2016

Project Description

CMST 386 - Image Editing, centered around Adobe Photoshop. This project was a bit more tricky than the projects prior to it. This project we were given an image of a boat on the water, and an image of a mountain scene on the water. We were instructed to remove the boat from the one image, the mountain from the other. Then take them and with the usage of a third image, mix them together to appear as a real image. The hardest part was cutting out the background of the old image between the sails of the boat. This project involved the use of image tools that made it appear as real reflections were on the water as they would have been in real life. Lastly, the instructor wanted to see what appeared to be rain over the image.

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    • Adobe Photoshop

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