Eastside Juggalos

  • April, 2005

Project Description

This was my second domain ever owned. Also a fansite for Insane Clown Posse. This was targeted mainly to fans of the East Coast of USA.

This was my attempt at a comeback into the website development world.
ICP held a website contest; Best 5 websites which helped you relive the Gathering of the Juggalos (GOTJ). Well I spent day and night working on this, I had collected and organized 1000's of pictures and videos, hell even hand written stories. Well apparently they felt like loosing a distraught fan. I was already upset I lost my mom earlier the year. Then my favorite group/family chose 4 and not 5 winners. The 4th one was west coast juggalos, mine was east coast juggalos. Call it childish. I took it personal.

From that day forward I dropped the domain, sold all my ICP gear and merch. And have vowed to not respect them anymore since they did me like that.

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    • HTML/CSS
    • PHP
    • Flash

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