Clients websites

Docs Smoke Shop (Mar. 2014)
Baltimore longest standing smoke shop.

Andrew Spence ( Aug. 2013)
Created a sign up page with auto responder.

Hotel Inn Deal (Aug. 2013)
Set up hosting, setup WordPress, installed website, updated affiliate code.

Jailbreak Cellular (Jul. 2013)
Fixed footer, Integrated Social media.

You Love Likes  (Jun. 2013)
Updated navigation, Added Instagram and Pinterest.

Weight Loss Extreme  (Jun. 2013)
Fixed JavaScript. Created custom admin and user panels, integrated payment processing.

Noors Sports  (Dec. 2012)
Guided my professor into creating this, Hardly touched much of it, Mostly just instructed.

SoCal Summer Showcase  (May. 2012)
Correcting a list of code errors, PHP , HTML/CSS.

Sing It Like Me  (May. 2012)
* Owner has let site drop *
Wrote a complete front end and back end, YouTube API.

Sonny Baltimore (Apr. 2012)
* Owner has let site drop *
Baltimore, Maryland Hip hop artist.

Exhibe Portable (Oct. 2011)
Fixed CSS Issues.

Power Cell Tech (Jan. 2011)
* Owner has let site drop *
Working on for Power Cell Technologies of Millersville, Maryland.

R.I.P. Kevin Michael Wengert (Jan. 2011)
Put together for Tiffany Milchenski.

Poker Sharks Online (Mar. 2008)
Helped him out with multiple coding issues!

Personal websites

B-more PC Repair (Jun. 2013)
Quality, Affordable Home desktop and laptop repair. Located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Coaster POV (Jan. 2013)
Roller Coaster POV video website.

Ray Rays Exotic Wear (Aug. 2010)
Wholesale platform shoes & boots, Lingerie and more!

Orgreenic Non Stick Cookware Reviews SOLD!(Feb. 2010)
* New owner has let site drop *
Love the cookware so much I showed it off with video review!

Sonny Gunnz | Free As A Bird (Nov. 2008)
Dedicated to Clarence Eddie Woods III, Free as a bird.

3 Strikes Laws USA SOLD!(Aug. 2008)
One of my first websites I sold years back.

My Portfolio | (Jul. 2008)
My portfolio of websites I currently run, have worked on or sold.